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Spring Cleaning

woodstoveFolks it actually got up in the 60’s this week!  I know most of you are like me and can’t wait for spring to come.  I walk around my gardens in anticipation of the spring flowers popping their heads up.  Along with that comes the unnatural desire to clean my house and anything that reminds me of winter.

Does the front window of your wood stove bother you with all the black soot and tar?  Well we have a story!  The other day Toby and Paul visited a customer.  Her glass on her wood stove was so clean they asked her to share her secret.  She gave us her recipe for a glass cleaner that cleaned this glass better than anything on the market.

So she gave us permission to share it with you.  She said it is from Better Basics for the Home by Annie Berthold-Bond.

Dissolve in 2 c. hot water in a spray bottle:
1/2 t. Arm & Hammer washing soda (in laundry section of grocery store)
2 t. 20 Mule Team borax (in laundry section of grocery store)
2 T. white vinegar
1/2 t. vegetable dish soap

Spray the window, let it sit a minute, and wipe it down.  The brown stains usually require a second treatment and you sometimes have to rub pretty well with a shop-quality paper towel, but she said she does not  think she has ever had to use a scouring pad. She cleans the windows usually every 1-2 months during the burning season.  She also uses this mixture for all household cleaning and loves it.

So clean away State College,
– In May we can start to enjoy the outside!

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