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Messing Up and Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers



Top Hat is NOT a perfect company!!  You wouldn’t know it by my Reviews on either Google, my Top Hat website or Angie’s List !  Everyone there has been more than pleased with our work.  But guess what?  Sometimes, (very rarely may I add) we do make a mistake or fail to communicate clearly to our customers and we suddenly have an “issue” that needs to be resolved.


So why would I want a customer to “review” us over a problem they have had with Top Hat?   Is that a horrible thing to wish for?!?  No.  And let me tell you why.


Whether Top Hat makes a mistake, overlooks something or even if the customer thinks we have done something wrong, Top Hat (ie – Me and my employees) make it our practice to go out of our way to make the customer happy.  I can tell you about the lady that called the other day because after we had relined her chimney this summer, she had turned on her furnace and it made a terrible noise.  We flew out to her house (after hours) to see what was going on. Turns out there was air in the pipes of her boiler and after about 10 minutes everything was fine.  We did this at no charge to her.



Or I could tell you about a customer who, after cleaning the gutters, we had spattered a small portion of the side of  their house with a bit of mud.  That was unacceptable to our customer and so we were out the next day to hose down our mistake.


When a company has messed up and I am the one to have to make that call here is what I want from them and here is what I will do for you.


1.  I want to be able to get a hold of someone quickly.  I don’t want to leave multiple messages nor do I want to feel “avoided.”  When you call Top Hat you will most likely talk to ME! – Barbara.  Yes, there are days I need to take some time off to go to a dentist appointment with my kids, but even then, if you leave a message I may call you right from the dentist office!  I leave my cell number on our answering machine and in short – You can most always get a hold of me immediately.  Plus I’m the owner.  You are not dealing with an answering service or another low paid employee who goes home at 4 and really does not care.  (see #4)


2.  I want them to listen to me.  I want to know they will not be instantly defensive or dismissive.  When you call Top Hat with a problem – be sure I will listen first and ask questions to make sure I know what you are talking about.


3.  I want a fair hearing.  I want to know that if someone caused a problem or I did not get what I expected, the company will at least meet me in the middle to fix it.  When you call Top Hat  you can be sure that I will do everything in my power to repair any mistakes my employees have made and/or at least meet you in the middle if there was a misunderstanding.


4.  Ultimately, I want to know that the person at the business I am having a problem with CARES!  When you call Top Hat, please be assured we care about our customers.  We want you to be happy with our services and we realize that most of our business comes from you telling your friends and co-workers about what a great job we did.  What I hope is that if you ever were to have a problem with Top Hat, you will equally be able to recommend us by telling those people how we went out of our way to make something right.


Therefore I wish that some day, one of the very few customers who has had a problem with Top Hat, will write a Glowing Customer Review of how Top Hat stepped up to the plate, listened to them, got a fair hearing and ultimately cared about their problem and MADE IT RIGHT.

Here’s to being your #1 Chimney Company!  Not Perfect – but trying to be!


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