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Chimney Sweeps Extinct?!? Are you kidding me??



Just saw this hilarious article published on September 7th at  It’s headline is as follows:


11 Jobs From 1850 That Are Totally Extinct

Once stable, commonplace jobs that have vanished.

Chimney Sweeps

1. Chimney-sweeps

Someone who inspects and cleans chimneys. The job typically requires a certain level of dexterity since it involves a lot of climbing, squatting, kneeling, and stretching.


Ok, #1 Toby and Paul do NOT look anything like the poor people above.  #2 WE ARE NOT EXTINCT!!  At least not today 🙂


We chimney sweeps are a very important aspect of each and every community.  We clean and service all wood, coal, oil, gas, pellet and combination systems.  We prevent deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.  We repair deteriorated chimneys and make sure that each and every new appliance installed is venting properly and properly maintained.


So NO,  We are not extinct.  We might age a bit and need the new guys to  do the heavy lifting and climbing.  But we are an industry to be reckoned with!


Gratefully Sweeping!




PS:  If I am non-existing does that mean my Liability insurance might go down a little 🙂

PPS:  Does this mean we can’t trust our news sources?!?  Oh, what will we do?!?

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