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Free Inspections???



Free Inspections?!?  Everyone wants them right?


Let me tell you why my company rarely does free inspections.


1.  My prices overall would have to be raised.

If I come out to your and 10 other customers homes to give a “free” inspection I still have to pay for my workmen, my trucks, my gas, my insurances and my total overhead.  Now you know you can’t give money away and remain in business.  (at least not for long)  Therefore – to keep prices as reasonable as possible – we rarely give free inspections.  Everyone else should not have to pay for my workman to come to your home.


2.  An inspection takes almost as long as it does to clean your chimney.

Ladders have to be put up.  Often drop cloths have to be placed and even equipment brought into the home.  Essentially, everything has to be done to inspect a home except for the sweeping of the chimney.  It is not a simple 10 minute job.  Plus you have the driving time to get to your home and the driving time to go to your next appointment.  Even if they are there a mere 20-30 minutes they have over an hour and a half of actual time.


3.  Integrity of the company.

Here’s the deal.  If you are not paying for an inspection of your chimney, do you think that the workman there will try to sell you at least SOMETHING so as not to lose money?  Would he be more apt or less apt to ‘invent’ a problem when there really might not be one?  Top Hat runs an honest company.  If we say “FREE”  we will NOT make anything up.  We will not sell you anything you don’t actually need and because of this I would lose my shirt giving out ‘Free’ inspections.


Here is the bottom line.  Remember what your grandpa used to tell you.


“FREE” is never free.


So don’t fall for the “Free Inspection” ploy.  It is a ploy and you will actually SAVE money by using Top Hat.

Here’s to having a business so that both you and I win in the end!

Grateful to be your Chimney Company!



(That said, let me give one disclaimer.  I sometimes will give a “free” inspection if I feel I will gain more than I will lose.  For instance if you have had another chimney sweep out to your home in Bellefonte and he has said you need a new stainless steel liner for your oil furnace chimney, –  I’ll come out and give a competing bid “free” of charge so that I can show you the fabulous company I represent and assure you of the quality of work at our competitive prices.  Other times I have talked to an elderly lady who I’m sure is being ripped off by another company.  You bet I’ll give her a free inspection!)

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