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Low-Cost Loans from PA!

Residents of PA!

Did you know that there is a program in PA that will give you a low-cost loan to help you replace an old wood or pellet stove or insert with a newer, more efficient EPA approved stove? Plus, 25% of the loan can be used for other projects. Check it out at the following link:
Then go to Regency and ask Top Hat about installing one of their beautiful new pellet or wood stoves! Their link is here:

9 Scary Things to Get Checked this Fall in State College


From our friends over at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals:

Thanks guys for the shout out and great advice!

Go to their web blog HERE


Fall Is Here!!


Facebook just informed me that today is the first day of Fall. Although our temps in State College, Bellefonte, Pine Grove Mills and Pleasant Gap and the greater Center County area (not forgetting you wonderful people in Lock Haven ūüôā will be in the 80’s today, next week the highs will be in the 60’s!

So call today before next week hits as people will feel the cooler mornings and be reminded that their chimneys need attention before it gets much cooler.  Some early Fall days I can book 2 weeks of appointments in a day!

Hate leaving a message for someone to call you back? ¬†Top Hat tries to answer every call with a real, live person. ¬†If you get a message I am only away for a short errand or on the phone with another customer and will call you back just as soon as I can. ¬†During the busy season you can even call in the evenings or weekends. ¬†If I’m free I will answer and if not I will try to call back soon.

So call today to speak to a real person in real time!

Happy Fall!!

BEWARE – Possible Scammers in the State College – Bellefonte Area

Have you gotten a call this week offering a $40 sweep of your chimney? Did they say they were Top Hat, another local company or just “Your Chimney Company”?


These companies come in from out of town and may not be trustworthy. In past years we have found them to be scamming our residents – saying they needed liners that were not needed – wanting to put the liner in that day with no waiting period.

Make sure you are using a Local company that you can contact if there is a problem. Never let someone do something expensive to your home the very day they come out. Be smart!

Please tell your friends and family (and especially the elderly who may not see this) to call Top Hat – 814-237-9337 for a reputable company.

Remember, if you cannot find them in the old fashioned yellow pages – They are not local!

Chimney Swifts and Your Chimney

Chimney_swift_overhead_600x525-300x263Chimney Swift and Your Chimney – Did you know that you are not able to touch a chimney where there is a chimney swift in residence. Nor can you disturb it’s nest until the birds have all migrated south – around November 1st. Have Top Hat cap your chimney with a mesh to keep out animals so that you can have your chimney swept and maintained over the spring and summer months when the prices are low and the schedule is not as full! For further information here is a link: ¬†‚Ķ/

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