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CHimney InformationAbout Top Hat Chimney and Duct Cleaning

Top Hat is the ONLY Chimney Company in all of Central Pennsylvania to have earned double Certification in Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Relining!

Chimney Information

About Top Hat Chimney and Duct Cleaning

Top Hat is the ONLY Chimney Company in all of Central Pennsylvania to have earned double Certification in Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Relining!

We even offer incentives for referring neighbors who choose to have service performed at the same time!

Top Hat Chimney & Duct Cleaning has been providing first-rate service to the Centre Region since 1990. Our commitment to unsurpassed service and workmanship has earned us a well deserved reputation as the Centre Region's finest chimney cleaning and service company. No other company offers a higher level of service or greater value. We offer better than reasonable rates and a satisfaction guarantee. We are the ONLY chimney company in all of Central Pennsylvania to offer double certified sweeps.  Want to save even more?

The warmth and genuine appreciation we receive from customers have made this a business like no other. Here at Top Hat, we have built our business and reputation on the premise that we are performing a service to the community thru pride, honesty and integrity!   For the past 20 years we have served our customers with the most outstanding service, highest standards and best prices.

Whether it is time to clean your chimney or you would like to breathe easier by having your air ducts cleaned, Top Hat is your premier contractor, featuring the area's ONLY certified staff holding both the Certified Chimney Professional AND Certified Chimney Relining credentials.

When you are ready for the BEST service in the Center Region for all your venting needs, contact us and see for yourself why Top Hat is the ONLY choice!

Top Hat started in 1990 and quickly grew, meeting the State College area’s needs for outstanding chimney cleaning and chimney service. We started with 3 focus points: The best in customer service; low prices, and outstanding education for our clients and other professionals who would need to reference chimney services.

So it is no surprise that Top Hat was the FIRST Company in all of Central PA (if not the entire State of PA to our knowledge) to develop and offer the following: The first brochure regarding servicing Oil and Gas Chimney Flues - 1991 The first brochure regarding dryer vent services and the importance of regular dryer vent service – 1992 (BTW: Did you know that each year, more homes are fire damaged by dryer vents than by wood burners? It’s true!) Top Hat also produced the first brochure regarding Real Estate Chimney Inspections back in 1995, which is now required by the NFPA 211. (National Fire Protection Association Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid-Fuel Burning Appliances)

Additionally, Top Hat also was the first Company in all of Central PA to lead resource seminars helping to educate insurance agents and adjustors in the field of chimney damage, repair and relining starting back in 1994.

Of course Top Hat has always featured certified chimney sweeps. But that is not enough. Top Hat professionals also include the region’s only Certified Chimney Reliner technicians, which is just another step in providing the best in education, experience and training for our technicians, and therefore - our clients.

From our early days where we personally knocked on hundreds of doors in State College, offering chimney inspections and chimney sweeping on a personal one-to-one basis, still to today, Top Hat is best at developing a personal relationship with our clients. As a matter of fact, this is still the “best” part of our job: to know, service and listen to our clients, as well as hear about their family members, interests and other life events. As our clients and their lives have grown and changed, we have purposed to grow along with them, and we continue to enjoy following the lives of our clients as time has continued to move forward.

As time has moved forward, so has Top Hat in the field of tooling and sweeping technology. Gone are the old days of soot filled chimney brushes, to much more modern techniques of chimney sweeping and Pennsylvania chimney relining, as well as the importance of inspections of gas and oil furnace chimneys which now need much more care as furnace technology has greatly improved!

There are other companies that would charge homeowners over $5,000 for a chimney reline that really should cost more in the $2,500 - $3,000 range! We at Top Hat find that we do not sleep well at night if we do not charge OUR clients a more than fair price; and it shows. Our clients and the new homeowners of the State College area and Centre Region have chosen Top Hat over and over for 25 years for the best of customer service, integrity, and low/fair pricing.

Speaking of caring, when you call, you will probably speak to Barb, the owner. Barb is more than just the person answering the phone; she has achieved her CCP Credentials as a Certified Chimney Professional and has 25+ years in the chimney servicing area. Often times, Barb will not just schedule your appointment, but also help solve the problems our clients are experiencing, due to her knowledge in the field of chimney troubleshooting. Further, she cares about her clients and works diligently to solve problems which might arise. Barb takes the integrity promise that Top Hat offers very personally!

Even though Top Hat has grown over the last 25+ years, we remain committed to serving our clients with the best in customer service, the best in pricing, education and experience – whether you live in State College, Bellefonte, Pleasant Gap, Centre Hall, Boalsburg; or out to Lock Haven, or the other directions towards Port Matilda, and beyond we look forward to serving all your chimney needs; be it chimney sweeping or chimney cleaning, servicing furnace flues, dryer vents, gutter cleaning or air duct cleaning.


See for yourself why Top Hat is the choice in the Centre Region of Pennsylvania when it comes to having your Chimney, Air Ducts, Dryer Vent, Furnace Flue or Gutters serviced.

Currently providing service to the following cities:

State College, Bellefonte, Lock Haven, Lewistown, Tyrone, Phillipsburg, Huntingdon, Centre Hall, Pleasant Gap, Millheim, Penns Valley, Spring Mills, Howard, Port Matilda, Stormstown, Zion, Pine Grove Mills, Clearfield, Milesburg, Lemont, Petersburg, & Avis, Pennsylvania.

When you are ready for the BEST chimney cleaning and masonry repairs, in State College and surrounding Centre Region, Call Top Hat Chimney State College for all your furnace venting needs.

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