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Before you use any chimney, you should have it inspected for possible problems that can put you and your family at risk. Top Hat offers several types of Chimney Inspection Services to the Centre Region of Pennsylvania.

Professional Certified Pennsylvania Chimney Inspections

Before you use any chimney, you should have it inspected for possible problems that can put you and your family at risk. Top Hat offers several types of Chimney Inspection Services to the Centre Region of Pennsylvania.

Having your chimney inspected by Top Hat Chimney & Duct Cleaning can help avoid costly repairs by catching problems early!

Top Hat inspects many types of chimneys: wood, oil, coal and gas, just to name a few. There are many parts to chimneys and many things that can make your chimney not suitable for use. Keep reading or use the menu on the left to find out more.

Regular Inspection (Annual)

Annual Chimney Inspection during chimney sweepA regular chimney inspection is always performed at the time of your annual chimney cleaning.There are cases when your chimney will not need to be cleaned but all chimneys need an inspection to insure safe use. All solid fuel fired chimneys (wood, coal, oil, propane, pellet and corn),  as well as gas chimneys should be cleaned and/or inspected annually.  The chimney top, exterior, interior (flue), firebox, dampers, and smoke chamber (in the case of a fireplace), and connectors (vent connectors for heating appliances such as a furnace, water heater or boiler, or stove pipe connectors for free standing wood burners and hearth stoves) are all parts which are inspected with your annual checkup. Additionally, clearances to combustibles in all chimneys, and many more parts need to be checked for proper installation, as well as looking for general deterioration prior to use of any chimney.

Diagnostic Inspections

Diagnostic chimney inspections find out whats wrong with your chimneyDiagnostic chimney inspections are performed when your fireplace, stove, and/or chimney are not working properly. Diagnostic Inspections are used to do just that, diagnose problems and provide you with a solutions. Just like when you go to the doctor when you feel bad and your doctor gives you a checkup to see what's going on before he or she writes you a prescription.

Real Estate Transaction Inspections

Inspect the chimney before you buy or sell a house.There are a two sides of performing a chimney inspection prior to selling or buying a house. We recommend an inspection be performed on ALL REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS to protect the parties involved.


    1. From a Buyer Standpoint - A buyer will hire us to perform a real estate chimney inspection, prior to buying a house, so that any problems or potential problems are identified prior to them being responsible for the cost of any repairs.
    2. From a Seller Standpoint - A seller will hire us, usually prior to putting the home up for sale, to plan for any problems or potential problems that might come up during the sale. This pre-emptive approach can lead to a smoother home selling / buying experience.

Real Estate Chimney Inspections, can protect both the buyer and seller.

New Appliance Chimney Inspections

Inspect your chimney before you install a new applianceChimney inspections are recommended when you have to change your heating appliance. It is important to make sure that the chimney is compatible with the new appliance to avoid costly damage or equipment malfunctions. Many times newer high efficiency appliances need a smaller chimney to avoid condensation issues. Fuel Oil, Propane, Natural Gas, and Woodstove appliances are extremely susceptible to water, sulfur, and creosote condensation when a properly sized chimney is not used.  All new furnaces vented into masonry chimneys require a properly sized lining system be installed as a requirement of the furnace installation!

See for yourself why Top Hat is the choice in the Centre Region of Pennsylvania when it comes to having your Chimney, Air Ducts, Dryer Vent, Furnace Flue or Gutters serviced.

Currently providing chimney inspection services to the following cities:

State College, Bellefonte, Lock Haven, Lewistown, Tyrone, Phillipsburg, Huntingdon, Centre Hall, Plesant Gap, Millheim, Penns Valley, Spring Mills, Howard, Port Matilda, Stormstown, Zion, Pine Grove, Mills, Clearfield, Milesburg, Lemont, Petersburg, And Avis, Pennsylvania

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